It's me
It's me - Hermann
My surname is    hahn    Hahn
( It's the German for Cock - ha! ha! ha! )
( Like Hen on the farm ).

I live here on Borkum Island with my Family,
which is a wonderful place to be on a big sanddune
in the middle of the sea.
I'm 75 years young and was born and bred here,
which makes me a ned    "NATIVE / ISLANDER".
My occupation is an electricalinstallater.
I also was a fireman in the Navybase here and a truckdriver, And now I am a pensioner ! My hobby is my one and only COMPUTER.
And I just love to surf around in Internet and spend time experimenting with hard and software.
If anyone OUTTHERE is intesested in making contact, all you have to do is send me an E-Mail and let's hope for the best.
I'd love to hear from someone in faraway parts,
maybe in other remote areas or other and stads in far off LANDS.....
turm   Wishing you all the very best to those who know me and especially to those who don't..!.

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